An opinionated guide on setting up a web development environment on Windows 10

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I have been a professional web developer since march 2018 and used both MacOs and Windows in that time. My preferred OS to use is Windows, for no other reason than I prefer the keyboard layout.

With Windows/Linux I like to have my Ctrl key as the key to use for copy-paste operations and I can use my left pinky instead of my thumb. Anyway, let’s leave the weak reasoning behind as that’s not the purpose of this post!

If you don’t have a Windows machine then this post probably isn’t for you, if this is different from what you…

Use the React Context API to change the theme in an app!

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But first, some context! 🤣

Ok terrible puns aside, let’s have a look at what the React Context API is for and what it does. There’s a great one-liner from the React docs

Context provides a way to pass data through the component tree without having to pass props down manually at every level.

Or in other words, you can use the React Context API to avoid prop drilling. If you need more detail on the concept then please do check out the links provided.

I’ve previously gone over implementing the React Context API in my Gatsby blog which I documented as I did it…

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Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. — Ferris Bueller

My time at freeCodeCamp was a fun and exciting one. When I first began with freeCodeCamp, I’d often come across this message, which also sounded like a preamble —

Let’s pick up a new skill and get a new job, all in a few months.

You will see a lot of articles like “Hey all, I was a school teacher before, and now I’m earning $100k as a engineer for x startup”. If you’re starting out in web…

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I’m a Windows user and have been so for as long as I can remember. I have fiddled around with Linux as well but have stuck to Windows as I’ve found it to be a bit less neckbeardy for me. Both have their pros and cons. But one of the biggest cons with Windows for me when I started learning web development was the lack of all my Linux command line tools.

That was until Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL) came along 🙏

I love it! You can have a Bash shell in Windows and run all your Node.js Apps through…

How to combine two separate unrelated Git repositories into one with single history timeline.

Just adding a quick note on this…

I had a project that started off as it’s own project but it ended up needing to go into an already existing project, so I thought ok add it as a new branch on the existing project with git remote add origin then push the changes up to the origin then all is well with the world.

That was until I tried to compare the branches…

There isn’t anything to compare? Bit misleading there as there is but the…

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The more you work with Git the more familiar you become with the commands used in your every day workflow for your projects or your team’s projects.

Commands like naming and creating feature branches making pull requests or pushing your changes if you have the requisite permissions.

So still used by me on a daily basis, and everyone else that uses git [I presume] is the git add . command, then git commit -m "my awesome feature" and git push or git push origin <branch>

In my short time using Git I have always just typed out the full commands…

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A familiar sentiment for anyone starting out with Git

No doubt you have heard of Git or GitHub for source control, but what is source control?

This is a basic overview of source code control and the advantages of using it within a team environment or using it on your own, if you do a Google search for source code control you can read how Wikipedia defines Source control, as:

“Revision control (also known as version control, source control or (source) code management (SCM)) is the management of multiple revisions of the same unit of information.”

Cool story br0! In…

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UPDATE 20190507: This tutorial is probably not relevant anymore as Twitter depreciate parts of the API this will be less and less relevant. I won’t be updating this going forward. 🙏

UPDATE 20171105: For ease of navigation I have compiled all of this story into a GitBook it is a near exact representation of this story but will be kept up to date with any changes that are made to the GitHub repository. Thanks.

I’ve been busy building Twitter bots again!

If you take a look at my GitHub profile, you’ll see that I have quite a few repos relating…

Just some rationalisation of what I’m currently doing.

Recently I have decided that I’m going to improve my current skill set. To do this I’m studying with freeCodeCamp for a full stack developer certification, I’m also trying to learn as much as I can about the languages that come with that HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as getting familiar with everything else in between like Git and GitHub, development environments like Cloud9 and services like Digital Ocean and AWS.

To do all of this I need time and being married with a young family and having a full time…

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